Season Ticket Renewals

2017 Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline: Monday, April 24th 2017

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Seating Requests – A customer must be a member of the Crimson Club to submit a seating request for the upcoming football season. A minimum donation of $100 is required to join the Crimson Club and goes directly to supporting student-athletes uniforms and equipment, education, travel and food.  Seating requests are not guaranteed. Seating requests will be processed by Crimson Club priority based on annual donation. To place a season football seating request call the ticket office at 801-581-8849 or your account representative.

Ticket Transfers – Utah Athletics permits the transfer of tickets. All transfers are based on lifetime giving to the Crimson Club. For more information or to transfer tickets, contact your account representative.. 

2017 Season Ticket Renewal Deadline: MONDAY, APRIL 24TH

For any questions about your season tickets, renewals or Crimson Club benefits please contact your account representative.

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CCAF Benefits and Season Ticket Limits – Click on the image below for more information about the benefits of being a Crimson Club member.


New Season Ticket Holders

We have not gone on sale with season tickets to the general public since 2008, but new season tickets are available for purchase with a donation to the Crimson Club. While your donation gets you many benefits including the opportunity to purchase new season tickets, the money goes directly to supporting student-athletes uniforms and equipment, education, travel and food. See more information below.

Guaranteed Seat Buy-in Program:

With a donation to the Crimson Club you can purchase season tickets at any time and pick your seats from what we have available. The donation varies by section of the stadium and number of seats purchased. Once you have made your donation and purchased your seats they will remain in your name as long as you renew them. For more information contact your account representative.

Seating Request:

Tickets can be acquired through the seating requests process by joining the Utah Crimson Club. For a one-time donation of $100 or more you can put in a seating request. Seating requests are NOT GUARANTEED and are processed in May by Crimson Club level. For more information on timing and availability contact your account representative. 

Free Waitlist:

If you are not interested in making a donation to the Crimson Club at this time you can join the free waitlist by filling out the survey accessed by clicking the button below. The free waitlist will be offered what tickets are available after all seating upgrades are complete for Crimson Club members and existing season ticket holders. In the past we have had a very limited number of seats become available to the free waitlist.


Crimson Club Membership Benefits

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