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ALL TICKETS AND PARKING PASSES TO UTAH ATHLETICS EVENTS are NOW DIGITAL. ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID TO ALLOW ACCESS FOR TICKETS TO BE MANAGED/USED ONLINE BY THE TICKET HOLDER. additionally, the in-game Layton field Club at Rice-eccles stadium will also be accessed digitally. For more info about the layton Field club click here. Only tickets that are paid for will be able to be managed/used by the ticket holder.

To understand how to manage your tickets please follow the step by step instructions below. If you have any questions regarding your tickets please call/text the Utah Ticket Office (801) 581-8849.

  • Login to your account

    • Go to

    • Click ‘Sign In’

    • Enter your Username & Password

    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click forgot password to reset it

  • Manage Tickets

    • Click ‘Manage Tickets’

    • Choose the event that you’d like to manage your tickets

    • Instructional Video: View Event Tickets

  • After selecting the event, you’ll be able to see all of the tickets you have for the event you selected.

  • We encourage fans to add your tickets to your Apple and android wallets to be ready to scan at the gate. Adding to your wallet allows your ticket to be accesses without wireless service or WIFI. Apple users that add to their wallet will be able to use the NFC tap technology at the gate for quicker entry upon arrival at the gate.

  • Instructional Video: Adding Tickets to Apple Wallet

  • Instructional Video: Adding Tickets to Google Pay

  • Transfer Tickets

    • Click ‘Transfer Tickets’

    • When prompted, enter the information of the person you intend to transfer the ticket. When finished, click ‘Transfer’ to complete the process

    • It is advised to transfer tickets to people that you know and trust

    • Instructional Video: Transfer Tickets 

  • Reselling Tickets

    • Select the event you want to sell. Once in the event, click the ‘Sell’ Icon. Select the specific tickets you want to sell.

    • Choose a sell price for your selected tickets. Ticketmaster suggests a recommended sell price based on the current market.

    • Choose the money to be deposited in your bank account or applied to account credit.

    • Make sure to add your bank account info at the time you post your tickets for resale. If account credit is chosen, that credit can only be used toward Utah Athletics events and cannot be refunded.

    • Click “Submit Listing” to finish the process of posting your tickets to sell.

Account Representatives

Your account representative is your personal connection to Utah Athletics and can help with all of your athletic ticket sales and Crimson Club athletic fund needs.

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